Our Mission is to be the hands and feet of GOD, by assisting families in need of food, clothing, furniture, shelter, schooling, medicine and clean drinking water.

To help children, young, elderly, homeless handicapped, disabled, become self-sufficient.

To show the world what kind of GOD we serve.


About us

Our mission

Deliverance Ministries International (DMI) is a faith based Ministry that is operating out in Haiti to address issues that most organizations fail to touch or address.

As Timothy T. Schwartz, a PHD doctor in anthropology who has worked off and on in Haiti for

20 years illustrated in his book, “The Great Humanitarian Aid swindle in Haiti” the challenge and how the Great Humanitarian Aid system, some of the most respected humanitarian aid agencies have swindled, deceived and manipulated the overseas public regarding what is really happening in Haiti. The people who really need the help and the aid suffer while big organizations packet millions of dollars off poor Haitians children in need of help.


Deliverance Ministries International’s Purpose is to Honor GOD the Father, speak out for Jesus Christ and serve the nations to fulfilled GOD’s Purpose in our generation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to eradicate poverty and bring the people to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. We truly believe with GOD and together all things are possible.

Our Goal is to work with Faith base Organizations, Schools, and the governments as a liaison to support the children, the young, the widow, the homeless roaming the street, not knowing where the meal of the day will come from, High School Graduate who has no mean of attending university to realize their full potential, to prevent a generation of waste and break the cycle of poverty.

Love is an incredibly powerful force. It causes a mother to sacrifice her sleep, time, and personal ambitions for the wellbeing of her children.  Love causes a father to get up early every day to go to work to provide for the family he loves. we have read and heard of many stories  about people who have been willing to die in order to save someone they love.

These people are imitating the sacrificial love that Jesus showed to humanity. 

Jesus said, “This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you”

(John 15:12). The love that Jesus is asking us to display towards our fellow human beings

May sometimes seems impossible in our own human effort.  However when GOD gives us a command, He always provides the resources we need to obey Him.

 We should give every good thing the LORD has given us to strengthen and love our neighbors in term of love, money, time, effort materials- giving in humility and faith that is an act of worship.

 The value of money is not to store up wealth in property or possession, which translate into bank accounts, cars, and homes. The value of money is to change lives, build human beings.

The only things that will really matters 100 years from now is did we make a difference in the life of someone. Someone is in needs of what we have.  We are the hands and feet of GOD. Would you let GOD uses your hands, mouth, and feet?

GOD is using this ministry to share His love with the world via giving. Giving to the poor,

the oppressed, the widow, and the orphans.  

Each day children and families across the globe are suffering from the fierce reality of inescapable situations. These lives can be change with loving hands and heart like yours saying yes to help.

To help the most pressing communities in needs your gift will go directly to the programs that need it most, in an attempt to break the cycle of poverty and create sustainable change.

Whatever is received from donors to Deliverance Ministries International go back to the people in need through the ministry of giving to raise the standard of living to give hope to the hopeless and Help to the helpless.

Our Goal